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JobKeeper Overview

JobKeeper Overview

Enrolment is now open for the government’s $130 billion JobKeeper Payment scheme.

The JobKeeper payment is open to eligible employers, sole traders and other entities to enable them to pay their eligible employee’s salary or wages of at least $1,500 (before tax) per fortnight.  You can enrol for the JobKeeper payment through the ATO’s Business Portal or the ATO online services using myGov if you are a sole trader.

Eligible employers will be reimbursed a fixed amount of $1,500 per fortnight for each eligible employee.

Employers need to pay all eligible employees a minimum of $1,500 (before tax) per fortnight to claim the JobKeeper payment.  This will be paid to the employer in arrears each month by the ATO.  The first payments to eligible employers will commence in the first week of May 2020.  JobKeeper payments can be made for the period beginning 30 March 2020.

If employers do not continue to pay their employees for each pay period, they will cease to qualify for the JobKeeper payment.

To be eligible for the JobKeeper payment, employers and their employees must meet a range of criteria, including:

  • On 1 March 2020, you carried on a business in Australia.
  • You employed at least one eligible employee on 1 March 2020.
  • Your eligible employees are currently employed by your business for the fortnights you claim.
  • Eligible employees include those who are stood down or re-hired.
  • Your business has faced either a
    • 30% fall in turnover (for an aggregated turnover of $1 billion or less)
    • 50% fall in turnover (for an aggregated turnover of more than $1 billion)
    • 15% fall in turnover (for ACNC-registered charities)

Sole traders are eligible for one active business participant if they meet the other eligibility requirements.

Please click here for more detailed information regarding the JobKeeper eligibility on the ATO website

April 2020 JobKeeper payments

If you have not yet considered your eligibility or would like assistance, please contact Griffin & Associates immediately.

Registrations for JobKeeper for the month of April 2020 need to be completed before 30 April 2020.

JobKeeper documents

The following are important documents for the JobKeeper payments:

  • JobKeeper snapshot Document
  • Employee nomination notice Document
  • Nomination notice for Eligible Business Participants (excluding sole traders) Document

Accessing the Business Portal

If you are not a sole trader, you will need to access the business portal for the JobKeeper payments.

Griffin & Associates has uploaded instructions on how to access the Business Portal.  Please click here for further information.

Source: Australian Taxation Office

Date: 22/04/2020

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