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Business or hobby?

You may be unsure whether you’re in business, or your activity is just a hobby. A hobby is a spare-time activity or pastime pursued for pleasure or recreation. Unlike a hobby, a business is run with the intention of making a profit and has basic reporting requirements, such as declaring income and claiming expenses. It’s important to know the difference between a hobby and a business.

There is no single rule that determines if you’re in business, but below are indicators that you may be.

  • You’ve made a decision to start a business and have done something about it, such as registered a business name or got an ABN.
  • You intend to make a profit or genuinely believe you’ll make a profit from the activity, even if you’re unlikely to do so in the short term.
  • You repeat similar types of activities.
  • The size or scale of your activity is consistent with other businesses in your industry.
  • Your activity is planned, organised and carried out in a businesslike manner.


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